日本剧照 第1张

导演: 城定秀夫
主演: 七海奈奈 / 伊东红
类型: 剧情 / 喜剧
制片国家/地区: 韩国 / 日本
语言: 韩语 / 日语
上映日期: 2015-07-27(韩国)
片长: 89分钟
又名: AV Idol 2 / AV 아이돌 2


The AV idols have moved to a farm village!
  Tokyo AV idol Yumi hides her past and marries Dae-soon, a Korean man. She's become the

wife of the head of youth and the one and only postman in the village. She's the envy of

everyone but only for a while. One day, AV movie makers visit Dae-soon's village to make a

movie and Yumi is afraid her identity will be revealed. Not knowing what the movie is

about, the whole village sets out to help their visitors.


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